Thank you father

Thank you father…

Long have i lived like an ungrateful son, not appreciating your presence, your smell, your devotion, your every command. Thinking I was done wrong: not buying me toys like the other kids, or taking me to the local play; buying me a motor bike like the rest of the kids at thirteen, shamefully using the excuse ” only parents that hate their kids buy them motor cycles”; or the sport car at 18 that i can call mine.

I know i wanted more freedom and understanding; enough allowance to match my peers; the ability to travel and spend like they travel and spend. You flew economy, where kids my age flew first class; i can only imagine the shame and the embarrassment. I wanted you to scold me less; and to listen to me much more. You loved my sister more, and I didn’t work hard on impressing you.

In fact i wasted my time playing, and thinking that I am smarter than the rest. I still believe i am smarter than the rest for some reason. Not doing my home work as I should, chasing after imagination and not concentrating on reality. Worried more about my friends opinion of me, rather than my family and how they saw me.

I had disregarded your love, respect, your loyalty and commitment to you and the family. I am truly sorry, and i wish i would have shown more love and respect.

I have two boys to my name; at least that is who I know of. I wish I grant them the same grace you have shown me. Taking me to the beach every weekend, introducing french toast and pancake, encouraging me to take my first leap into the deep pool, and teaching how to ride the fastest bicycle in the whole wide world. You were great dad, even in college, i would go to the most expensive restaurant, and that was fine by you, makings eggs for me every morning, and making sure I was happy. You stood by me all the way, and i have grown to appreciate the time we spend together, and cherish the moments….

Your loving son,,,,



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