The best of friends

The best of friends….

I have had a hard time finding friends. The reason behind that is ambiguous to me. Whether it was family status, financial benefits, or plain personality was not clear to me. I never thought I have to be friends with everyone, but i did think I would be friends with the huge number of acquaintances i knew of.

I was never taught how to make friends, and like all unguided fools we are prone to do blunders. People that know how to make friends is either genetically engineered or taught. The genetics were not there, although my mom was very active, my father had secluded relations. In fact i believe the poorer you are, the more social you become, one of Gods greatest privileges to the poor that enforces the Adams hand theory of relationships; things are set up to take care of themselves.

So how do you make friends? And how do you keep them? That is a task that is not for me, for i am immersed in my everyday life. Acquaintance on the other hand are easy to establish, wag and smile! Maintaining the acquaintance could prove much more difficult; and unless you had friends and acquaintances for a long time, i suggest
you invest wisely.

What i know is this, the best of friends are those who think you are special. Admire your thoughts, respect their presence,and most importantly can contribute in wealth of knowledge, thought, and humor.

I wish all the best of luck, and for those who have them, keep them, its a treasured commodity not like any other.


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