Diet diary, continued…

First day again…


Lunch was great, the packing needed some work, but all together it was surprisingly tasteful. Grilled chicken, and fresh salad, grilled at home and delivered 50 km, to get to me 30 min late. No juice, and no sugar.

After work i stopped by to see my medical lab tests, my uric acid was O.k. but my cholesterol level was 8, out of a high of 6.5.

I was happy to see the nutritionist that expressed the opportunity of loosing 20 kg, no latte, bur arabic coffee is acceptable.


Should I, or should I knot? What is the best time? Should i work out? Should I early. I couldn’t stop thinking of the 20 kg i will drop, nor can I stop thinking about how hungry I will be.

It was smooth. Actually it was overflow. i had so much soup that it took two hours to digest prior to going to the gym. Bread tasted so good, I knew it was the diet talking. The kiwi was small, but the change in flavor was relieving. Unfortunately, i ended up working out in a lazy manner. But what really killed me was the smell of popcorn, with fresh butter, at the movie theater.

Day 2:


I woke up, not hungry nor did I feel any thinner. I didn’t even feel they work out muscles!
Food was boring. 1 boiled egg, 1 bread, and 1 skimmed milk. Although I do admit, it felt sufficient, made me wonder why I ate so much in the past?



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