Confessions of time mismanagement:

I often wondered how birds managed to build their nests in a timely manner for their eggs? Was food not an issue? Steering away from snakes and others was not a problem? Fighting with other alpha males for the best spot, position and lady is not part of their constant debate? Don’t birds deal with headaches, hunger, traffic, heat, flu, funerals, weddings, social hangouts, business, projects, etc. etc. etc. And the list goes on.

What about monkeys, they seem organized too. A grasshopper story is taught almost to every kid in grade school, everyone need to save for the winter, and to do that we have work diligently before the storm comes. What about the hare that lost the race due to not managing the allocated time properly and procrastinating, which cased is defeat by a hair!

I am the worst at managing time, although nature assures us that it is a natural instinct, fables stresses it as part of our daily education; unfortunately it is still not grasped. I met an old friend of mine yesterday that works from 7 am till 10 pm. Why? Is it dedication? The thrill of earning? Operah wakes up daily at 4 am, and is done with her gym work, and ready for business by 7 am. I have a cousin that built his own business, and runs his own company. A friend leading one of the biggest real-estate companies, and another leading the banking world. What do they have in common, I ask myself, except that success comes with good time management and dedication.


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