Can Kuwait have “douchie-ness”

The thing that makes the United State so special, was the experience of freedom of thought, and the freedom of expression. It was okay to be okay. You didn’t have to be the best. You didn’t even matter if you were the worst at everything. In the states there is someone for someone everywhere.

Can you express yourself in Kuwait. Can you be crazy for a day if you wanted to? Can you do it for a year? If you did would you be happy? Would other be happy? Would you care if they were happy, and why would you? I think people in Kuwait should set up a support group called “Douche Day” where everyone and anyone can come in dressed goofy and crazy, and express themselves freely. It would be a shame if this day and age you are worried about the way others think, and not worry about how you think! There can be a balance of both. Live and let others live; Die as if you have lived, and have nothing more to live for.

here is the article that inspired this blog:



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