Negative in Kuwait? Not me!

My wife keeps saying I am a negative person, that I keep saying one thing or another about Kuwait. She hears me talking about the problems of Kuwait acting as a socialist country, how the government officials and employees have little regards, because they have little incentive for growth, how the police is not respected enough, and part of the reasons is disregard of the police management in allowing policemen to smoke in airports and hospitals, and in malls, as an example. Also the fact that construction and demolition, is done without any rules or barriers, one way streets are disregarded, non licensed engineers doing licensed engineering jobs, and non certified contractors doing engineering jobs, and labors that used to do jobs for the contractors now think they can do contracting jobs. And what makes it worse,companies are allowed to do business with lesser unlicensed unstructured individuals, leaving structured and licensed companies to fight for scraps.Where does the trail end?

The pollution is at an increase from smog, sea, noise and eye. The people drive carelessly. The world seems in turmoil. Even if you wanted to be part of something to help out, legislation and minutes of the National Assembly are not public on the official website. Other problems also persist such as bad roads, bad manners, and bad for the sake of being bad.

Kuwait is a wonderful country, we are proud of having a democracy, in the summer traffic is less, food is abundant and great. You can have a tan in less than 10 min, you can also fry an egg in 5. There is a golf court, 24 hour gym and coffee shop, plenty to read and socialize with. You have a shooting club, a bowling, a skating, soap football, volley ball, tennis, and full arcade arenas for kids and adults. You can also perform several water activities such as island hopping, skiing, snorkeling and some diving places. If you get bored you can go country or city hopping, Basra, Dubai or Bahrain or Qatar.

Life here is pleasant with the family around, and the kids, and the peacefulness in a way, but could always be better, and that is what we are fighting for.


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