Time off from the kids

Time off from the kids

To those who have kids, planning on having kids, or expecting to be an uncle or aunt, or a Godfather you need to know what to do with them so that you end up with a moment of piece and quiet. Here are the tricks, and the hints you should use in Kuwait:

– Tools: wet wipes, a box of tissues, dry milk, hot water, and a bottle set.
– Barney: make him your friend, he will save your life. Or as my son calls him “I yay you.”
– MBC 3
– Magic planet, Cartoon Network, Discovery Mall, 360 mall, and Souq Al Salmiya
– Football clubs
– Summer camps
– Day Care
– Aqua park, Shaab park, Entertainment City
– Sultan center; they love two things, kids feel they are contributing, and the different colors of fruits and vegetables
– The beach
– IMAX, and Aquarium
– Imaginary characters, but none that can fly, stop cars, or beat up people

If you have more tips, do tell.


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