AlGhanim Fiasco

Can it get any worse for a politician? Really? I have not read any of the articles, and doubt I will for several reasons, I have better things to do in my life, and Kuwait has bigger concerns to battle. For the politician himself, the charge to allegedly exchange the amounts mentioned would not make any sense for him, unless it is for political support; if that is the case, I think of it as fair game. What interested me were not the allegations, but the people’s reaction as judge and jury. The people condemned a politician based on the only source a German newspaper! What I keep hearing is the following: The German newspaper is a perfect newspaper, which never gets bribed, or never follows a political interest or agenda, and has all the supporting details and evidence prior to presenting any accusations. News flash, all newspaper follow an agenda, one way or another, how deep the rabbit whole goes, is a politician and a writer game, not the average reader. People should study the news, and like good cheese, have it age and mature, only then can you decide on the quality of the product, and the value it presents.


2 responses to “AlGhanim Fiasco

  1. I think the other party is suspect here. He has started his own personal war without regard to Kuwaiti’s. Now he is FIFA rep for Asia? We have a saying in the US, whoever smelt it dealt it……pesonal battles amoung the leadership is a waste of time let them have their battles on their own time, not yours.

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