Ma’hthoutha & Mabrouka Part 2

We all remember the light hearted comedy we grew up in. Well some of us grew up in them. My wife made me memorize the songs to some of them during our honeymoon, and every time she gets distressed about something I play (sing!) a part of “شهر العسل” a 1978 production named “the honey moon operate” can be viewed on this link

can you guess which part I had to sing?; and the funny must see in Eid “Operate of the poor man’s rug” “اوبريت بساط الفقر”

The funny “Aunti Qumasha” “خالتي قماشة”; at

Can’t forget “To Dad and Mom with Regards”, “الى أبي و أمي مع التحية”,

and “Nanny Muneera”, “أبله منيره”,

and so much more.

What do we have this year, and the last year, and the year before. It is like the Kuwait culture wants to be in turmoil, like our life is full of desperate acts of indecency! What happened to all the jokes? Where are our creative writers? Last year there was a story of a man with daughters he hated, this year a story of a man who loves his six daughters; Wow! What a catch! And what is up with the series having to end in 30 days! Someone let the producer knows that we will live longer, and life doesn’t end after Ramadan, and finally, we would like to laugh during this beautiful holy month. So what I vote for, is for the gracious Hayat Al-Fahad and Suaad Abdulla to give us a Ma’hthoutha & Mabrouka part 2, 30 years later… Now that’s comedy.
Note: English is obviously loosely translated, and here is the link to the old episode:

With the ending:

I hope you enjoyed these links, obviously sorted out from


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