Things you should not do in Ramadan

Things you should not do during the Holy month of Ramadan are as follows:
1- Do not eat too much, a cupped 2 hand portion is more than enough and gentle on the stomach
2- Do not stop exercising, things will build up fast without notice
3- Do not spend you day lounging, and all night lounging. It will make your day longer!
4- Make sure your prayers and reading is on time and scheduled
5- Your family visits are done; but dont feel guilty for pursueing personal gain like reading a book or going to the gym, equally as important.
6- Compete with family members or friends on who looses the most weight at the end of the month
7- Evaluate your life, plenty of time to dwell on the things that matter, and makes you shine

Enjoy breaking fast and having a good month, may these blessed moments continue to shine on you and your family.


Happy Month of Ramadan

I just hope this month people start to remember that its not about the shows, or the late night gatherings, nor is it about food. But about remembering those that are not as fortunate as we are. if you can afford to blog, tweet or facebook, chances are that you are one of the fortunate!

Furthermore, there are sick people, old people, non muslims, and children living with in this world, so i still do not understand the restaurants not allowed to open!

Also, if you are going to pray in a Masjid, go to one with a parking lot! non of that parking in the middle of the street business. First of all its rude, second it is non civilized, and its also non- “islamic”.

Remeber to be patient and forgiving, and also loving and supportive. Be with your family first, friends can come in second. And if you like to work as i do, guess what, this is the best time to get things done!

Good luck all..