Invisible hands

They know everything about you. Where you live , where you eat. How you sleep, your nightmares. Funny stuff! They can also make your life hell, or an easy breaze. They can support your business, and they can as easily invade your livelihood.

The help, can make you, or brake you. They control everything arround here, and do present a potential threat.

In the goverment entities, if you want the impossible done you talk to the managers coffee boy. For a small fee, he communicates with the managers director. He hands it over to get it endorsed by the director to get processed. Once done, the director’s coffee boy sends it to the manager as a directive. The director signs on it, thinking it is an exchange of favors, for the manager, and the manager likewise for the director, and none the wiser.

Unfortunately, simple requests are getting accomplished by the help, such as filing, photocopying, obtaining signatures. We get fatter, and they end up slimmer. They get smarter, and we become needy!

To ponder away: What would our life be without  them? Do we use them because we need them, or because they

are affordable? What about our security?


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