New Years with the crowd…

In 1995 I went to see Devil in a Blue Dress, starring Denzel Washington, with a group of friends in Denver, Colorado. I laughed hysterically, while the crowd I went with laughed casually, while the other guests watched unmoved by the scenes as I was. I thought it was the funniest movie, and a few year later I watched it again, laughed, but not as strongly as the first time. In 2014 I went to Guardians of the Galaxy twice. Once with friends, and once with the kids. The first time I went with my friends the entire cinema was laughing out loud, hitting every note, climax and joke. When I saw the movie again with the kids, They laughed, but it pails in comparison, and those were my kids doing the laughing, the crowd made me feel like they have all watched the movie before. They were unmoved. You see, New Years celebration is only as good as your crowd, and the bigger crowd you surround yourself with and their vibes.


Safina Restaurant

We kicked it off with a 6 meal course dinner at a restaurant called Safina, at Saadiyat Beach Club. The food was delicious, Every piece was succulent. My compliments to the Chef! The DJ was building up a storm, and the crowd was lining up. We ended up with a lobster, the desert was OK, but in general, it would be someplace I would go to for a special evening. It also seemed like a place we should not have moved from. It was outdoor, a bit upscale, the only issue is that the music sounded more of the 80s and 90s. The only thing I would watch out for is the taxi. One group had the taxi take them off course by 5 Km, and had to return back in reverse. The other taxi driver, dropped us off at the Saadiyat Golf Course Club where we would have been stranded for sure.

We then moved tOne Yaso the One, in Yaas Island for the final destination and countdown for the New years. At 11:30 it felt like we were the first ones in. What a shocker! The inside was beautifully done with white as if it snowed. The Big screen TV all around the club had no impact on me personally, but I could see what people spoke of. The screen lacked the details that we see today on the new generation TV sets. At 12:00 we had to scream at the DJ to start the countdown, and even then it was not as full as I expected it. The bouncers were polite and on point. The bathrooms were clean and well serviced. The DJ I would personally throw out if it was my club. He just could not get the people to want to dance once they decided to sit because that great song just got played. We stayed till 3 pm, then we decided to leave, to find out that finding a cab, would be another big task!

The next day we continued with a Lunch/Brunch at the Mangroves, IRISBOA Steakhouse, and dinner at Iris at Yaas island. BOA Steak houseBoth had exceptional food quality. We could not complain except for the long wait on the food at the BOA steakhouse, for us to find a steak well done, instead of pink on the inside, which they corrected in 15 minutes. I had a grilled sea bass. Nothing was left from it! The manager was a french guy how was very friendly and took a great deal of time to make sure that everything was up to par.

Ritz BrunchWe finally ended our new year celebration the next day with a brunch at the Ritz Carlton hotel. If you like brunches, and hotel food, save your time and money and try this brunch for size. It is exceptionaly divine. This is our second time. It is pricey but worth it, around 120 USD per head if you go dry. I would elaborate further, but i would not want to hurt the surprise of those attending the feast. Make plans to have a crowd and to stay till 5 pm, and be there at 1 pm. Remember it is only on Fridays, and you need to make a booking especially for outside seatings.

Happy New Years to you all. A happy 2015 to come and to happen with Gods blessings, to have a healthy life, admirations and positive goals. Keep the good smiles coming. And remember that places and the food is not what makes or breaks the celebrations, it the good people you surround yourself with.

Enjoy 2015!


Foreign leash

Kuwait Times headline read today: “New investment law aims to attract more FDI to Kuwait” it also states that the 2013 law that regulates investments is in full effect. Wikipedia states, that A Foreign direct investment (FDI) is a controlling ownership in a business enterprise in one country by an entity based in another country ( FDI).
In my opinion this is a necessary evil. It is necessary because we need to upgrade the level of workmanship, and work efficiency and ethics. Evil due to the fact, that the training and positions they provide is not “real” but a matter of fulfilling a quota. In that regards, a Kuwait engineer may have a job, may end up traveling for training, or may be a field agent. But will he ever be a regional director working within the GCC or MENA region? Are they specific on what it would take to be that person?

Local companies have the funds to build and operate, and invent if need be. So the question that comes to mind is, why don’t they? Another question is, what is available for FDI except oil related businesses? We know they will not be able to set up manufacturing plants, because we have no industrial lands available.

I would like to link this subject to yesterdays post. The middle east is rich with manpower, land and funds. Where it lacks in caliber they can import the brains, efficiency and ethics from Germany, France, Japan, China, and USA in the form of professors, educators, and businessmen. Start inventing and building within the local market for today and tomorrows problems. You knew since the 1920’s about the potential of oil and gas, after 100 years, why would you still need a foreign company to build the process for you? Invest today, to release yourself from foreign leash tomorrow!

The real spill…

Sun Dec 21 2014

Its a new year with new beginnings for Kuwait. 2015 will be full of economic growth and prosperity due to the funds already allocated for mega projects in Kuwait despite the decline of oil prices. The UN awarded the the Kuwaiti government 3000 million USD, or 1 billion KWD give or take a few; for the purpose of treating the oil contamination from the invasion.

The Kuwait National Focal Point (KNFP ) monitors the project on behalf of the UN and makes sure the funds are allocated correctly. SEED ( ) a program partners with the UN that works the same way, but it is due to environmental damage due to the oil rigging itself. The operations of both activities are managed by the KOC (KOC), and thus you must be contractor approved for both categories 58 & 59; Preferably 59.

To specify the problem in simpler terms; we have contaminated soil. Or crude oil mixed with sand. In some instances, sand, water, oil, and chemicals. The objective is to have a separation process. If ever a project applies where pure engineering exists, than this is it! You can have it as a chemical separation, mechanical separation, or separation by heat (thermal), or a combination of all three.

My question for you is this: This is a problem known to us since the early 90’s The babies at that time, are married with children now. Some of them are engineers. Where are the local University Engineering schools involvement in this? Where is the chamber of commerce funds to improve national wealth and well being? Where are the private universities with the top banks, and the top companies in Kuwait? why are they not getting together, to have multiple designs to compete and build, and sponsor, and create out a major problem, a National product? Why did the KPC not act?

When do we think for ourselves, rather than have others think for us?

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Happy Month of Ramadan

I just hope this month people start to remember that its not about the shows, or the late night gatherings, nor is it about food. But about remembering those that are not as fortunate as we are. if you can afford to blog, tweet or facebook, chances are that you are one of the fortunate!

Furthermore, there are sick people, old people, non muslims, and children living with in this world, so i still do not understand the restaurants not allowed to open!

Also, if you are going to pray in a Masjid, go to one with a parking lot! non of that parking in the middle of the street business. First of all its rude, second it is non civilized, and its also non- “islamic”.

Remeber to be patient and forgiving, and also loving and supportive. Be with your family first, friends can come in second. And if you like to work as i do, guess what, this is the best time to get things done!

Good luck all..

Second blunder managers in Kuwait make…

I have had my share of managers in Kuwait, and have discussed with many of my peers, friends and colleagues how projects are handled in Kuwait. I am pleased to say, that some know their business quite well. I assume these individuals were the astute type, that understood every syllabi and gesture the professor made during his lecture. What is unfortunate is to find companies recognized as blue chips, and others sought out as pioneers and leaders in their field take planning for granted. Good planning produces good results, coming from great market research. Without the right foundation you cannot build. If a person wants to make the right decision, he needs to make sure that the right research is done; the right questions are studied to make sure the right answers are appropriate. Every manager prior to execution of an idea should follow the following steps: Market research, Planning, Budget against your plan, Execution against your budget, then finally you evaluate your results, and correct the plan accordingly.
A CEO finds three companies he own making profit at the end of the year. Company 1 makes KWD 500,000/– net profit, so he award 10% bonus. Company 2 generates KWD 250,000/–, and 15% bonus was awarded accordingly. The 3rd company profits were KWD 2,000,000/– and the CEO fired his manager! Why you ask? Simple, the first company, was based on a market research that showed a market worth KWD 1,000,000/–, so 50% market share is not bad. The Second Company had a market share worth KWD 3,000,000/– so it made sense to grant a bigger bonus. But the third company generated profit out of a market share worth KWD 50,000,000/–.
Without market research, there cannot be any future visibility, and therefore, there cannot be any justified expenses.

5 blunders managers make in Kuwait

One: Recruitment quality is not at its best. The role of human resource is tightened, more so, psychological review and evaluation on candidates is absent. The person hired as a qualified candidate for the position, should be tested if the position in the company is ready for him. Sounds weird? The individuals ambience should fit with the company. The company has to have the culture that will allow this type of person to excell. Also, the managers personality should match and be complimented with the new individual, to have the new recruit adjust to add something new. In essence a recruiter should locate the missing puzzle with the hired person, that the manager was looking for, as an extension to the manager. Finally, only hire smart people that can add something new, and remember that you are only as strong as your weakest link.

To be continued…

Share wity us your recruitment disasters!

Ma’hthoutha & Mabrouka Part 2

We all remember the light hearted comedy we grew up in. Well some of us grew up in them. My wife made me memorize the songs to some of them during our honeymoon, and every time she gets distressed about something I play (sing!) a part of “شهر العسل” a 1978 production named “the honey moon operate” can be viewed on this link

can you guess which part I had to sing?; and the funny must see in Eid “Operate of the poor man’s rug” “اوبريت بساط الفقر”

The funny “Aunti Qumasha” “خالتي قماشة”; at

Can’t forget “To Dad and Mom with Regards”, “الى أبي و أمي مع التحية”,

and “Nanny Muneera”, “أبله منيره”,

and so much more.

What do we have this year, and the last year, and the year before. It is like the Kuwait culture wants to be in turmoil, like our life is full of desperate acts of indecency! What happened to all the jokes? Where are our creative writers? Last year there was a story of a man with daughters he hated, this year a story of a man who loves his six daughters; Wow! What a catch! And what is up with the series having to end in 30 days! Someone let the producer knows that we will live longer, and life doesn’t end after Ramadan, and finally, we would like to laugh during this beautiful holy month. So what I vote for, is for the gracious Hayat Al-Fahad and Suaad Abdulla to give us a Ma’hthoutha & Mabrouka part 2, 30 years later… Now that’s comedy.
Note: English is obviously loosely translated, and here is the link to the old episode:

With the ending:

I hope you enjoyed these links, obviously sorted out from